Top 5 Films Of 2020

2020 wasn’t a great year for movies, and I think we all know why that was! Restricted movement prevented many of us from going to the cinema, and then due to the same reasons many films were pushed back, meaning that in the case where you could go to the cinema, it was a limited choice of what we could see, if anything was even worth noticing. It was a pretty grim year for movies on the whole.

That doesn’t necessarily mean there wasn’t anything worth watching at all. As the year started there was a great selection of movies released, with some other big surprises to come, even before the big lockdown! And during the brief summer respite there were some treats to be enjoyed.


Whilst we would probably all like to forget the year that was 2020; there were some cool movies released which I think still deserve a mention. Now, for this list, I am including all films I saw at the cinema in 2020. As some cinemas reopened they showed some classic movies in an attempt to get the audiences back in to the cinema. In this case I saw two movies I absolutely love, and is always fun to make mention of them as they are major standouts in my opinion. So, without further ado, here are my Top 5 Cinema picks from the year that was 2020! Enjoy!


5. The New Mutants – It felt so good that after many years of constantly being pushed back that The New Mutants was(“FINALLY!”) released. It was a very enjoyable film that contained some really scary horror elements as well as some interesting moments of drama and a cool big battle at the end. It’s sad that the X-Men Film Series has come to it’s end, but at least we (“FINALLY!”) got this nice little treat to bring it to a close!


4. Jojo Rabbit – It really does feel like more than a year has passed by, as seeing this film at the cinema felt like years ago! An interesting comedy film with some sweet moments of drama, and featuring some great performances from all those involved; Jojo Rabbit used it’s setting to tell a great little story about two people from two different worlds unite in the one place where it would seem impossible!


3. Akira – This film was originally released in 1988 in Japan, and I have seen it twice before at the cinema: But it’s always good to find an excuse to see it again and again! Akira is an amazing film featuring great animation, a captivating story, and of course an epic soundtrack that leaves you craving for more!


2. Jurassic Park – I love the Jurassic Park films, I have seen them all time and time again; this however was the first time that I saw the first film at the cinema. It’s true; all the others I saw at the cinema when they were first released; but this one I didn’t; so in 2020 I was finally able to see this one on the big screen. It made the whole experience a really special moment!


1. ParasiteBong Joon Ho directed one of my favourite movies, which also happens to be one of the best Monster Movies ever made: The Host. As 2020 rolled in, there was a lot of talk about this movie, and I was interested to see it. I found an opportunity to view it, and I thought it was brilliant. Parasite has a very interesting set up and creates some very funny moments, while also crafting some moments of drama featuring a lot of heart. It uses it’s title to the full exploring what that may mean given the situation, and then weaves in some unexpected surprises, which unravel at a heart beat, building up to a satisfying, albeit brutal conclusion!

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