Movie Trailers – Godzilla 2014 (Asia Trailer)

2014 was a great year for me for many reasons, but possibly the key driving reason as to why I had a good year to begin with, was this film! I didn’t matter if I had a bad or mediocre day, I was so hyped by the upcoming release of this film, that those worries just melted away, and I could just sit back, relax, and watch the trailers another dozen or so times in one sitting!

The trailers for this film varied in many ways, but each one was superb (in my mind), revealing little snippets of joy as the days ticked by until release. The original teaser was fantastic, the first main trailer teased a multitude of moments that helped to build the hype, and then the second revealed more of the monsters. I could do a trailer post on each one, but the one that stood out the most for me, was the Asia Trailer!


The other trailers were more like teasers that helped paint a picture of what was to come, but didn’t reveal any plot details. You see many people these days complain over the amount of details that are given away in trailers now, and suggest that in those cases you don’t need to see the film. In this case though, it made me want to see the film even more than I already did.┬áThis trailer does spoil the plot a little, but it does have one major thing that makes it prevail over the other trailers: Monsters! The other trailers gradually inserted and teased monsters as they released, but for a Monster Film, it was feeling like there was a lack of them. As a Godzilla fan though, I wanted to see what they looked like now, so I could enjoy them as quickly, and as much as possible!


The trailer is a real spectacle! It shows scenes of weird things and human mystery, but slowly reveal more and more scenes of city destruction; followed by a mini intro for Godzilla himself. The music then ramps up the tension with that strong piece, showing scenes of people walking around, tanks driving past, and more scenes of destruction, including a Tsunami, and a Nuclear Explosion. It’s action packed, and even terrifying at brief moments. We then get a minor calm, before seeing the King Himself, starring down an airborne challenger!

When I saw this trailer, this was the trailer for me, as it packed a real punch, showing off it’s arsenal of imagery and building an exciting picture of what was to come!

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