Mini Film Review – Godzilla VS. Kong

I have just watched Godzilla VS. Kong; and it was a lot of fun! Directed by Adam Wingard, and starring Alexander Skarsgard, Rebecca Hall, and Kaylee Hottle; Godzilla vs. Kong is a giant monster movie featuring two of the most iconic monsters in cinema slugging it out to decideĀ  who is best! The film features something of a unique approach to it’s plot by setting it up and telling it like it’s a Saturday morning cartoon. Now, King of the Monsters had a similar style of story telling, but while that approach sort of hampered that film, this one, well…works! This film takes you on an epic adventure around the globe, going to spectacular places that leave the right impression. It tells a story of sinister intrigue and epic discovery. It doesn’t try to say or tell too much, but keeps grounded in what it needs to say. The film does have it’s billing issues as it feels awkward to put stars in top billing, but only refer to them every now and then, and this also could be said for the Monsters too, as for the most part the film focusses on Kong, not Godzilla. Despite these little and quite easy to forget niggles; the film is a lot of fun. The special effects are top notch (although the close-ups on Godzilla’s head look a bit grainy and blurry), the scenery is epic, the music is outstanding; and the monster fights are Spectacular! The only issue that remains is the ending. It’s like Thanos snapping his fingers! It just ends! No suggestion as to where things might go from here, and no conclusion that makes you feel satisfied (not even an energy pumping credits song either); it’s like someone walking into the cinema with a megaphone and saying ‘Right, the film’s over, please leave now!’ But again, on the whole; it was quite a lot of fun, it’s not the best Godzilla/Kong film of the last ten years, but it’s nowhere near the worst!

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