Mini TV Review – High Score

Recently I have been watching High Score, and it’s been very interesting! Created by France Costrel, and narrated by Charles Martinet; High Score is a Netflix documentary series which documents the early history and development of Video Games. It tells the stories of some of the games industry’s most beloved genre’s and the games which helped to define them in the early days. It seeks out and interviews both legends of the industry, as well as some of it’s equally important unsung heroes. It delves deep into the humble stories and simple creation processes behind the most famous video games in history, and even talks about the early history of competitive gaming, and some of the industry’s darker moments. It was a really interesting show, well produced, and very informative. The only issue I found was that the subtitles were badly lit/coloured with the wrong background, which made them frequently hard to read. But that issue is easy to gloss over, as everything else more than makes up for it!

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