Movie Trailers – The Musketeer

Back in the good old days of VHS tapes, you were frequently treated to a collection of movie trailers. Now, unlike DVD’s where you can frequently skip these, or select to watch them through a menu, on VHS tapes, you didn’t quite have that amount of choice. You really had only two options:

  1. Fast Forward the tape,
  2. Watch the trailers!

The options were slim, but were very easy to choose between. Now, in some cases the trailers were for movies you already knew about, but sometimes the trailers were for films you never heard about. For instance, when I watched the VHS for Reign of Fire, there were two trailers for films; one for The Count of Monte Cristo, and the other for The Musketeer.


Based on the classic novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, The Musketeer is an action adventure film directed by Peter Hyams and starring Justin Chambers as d’Artagnan, as well as Tim Roth and Stephen Rea in supporting roles. Now I have never seen this film, but thanks to many re-watches of the VHS tape of Reign of Fire (possibly my favourite film featuring Dragons), I have fond memories of this trailer.


It’s a fun and also rather epic trailer. It features swashbuckling fight scenes very similar in style to that of The Mask of Zorro. It features action, plot set-up, and a final battle almost to the same scale as the battles in The Lord of the Rings. But, it’s biggest draw, is the trailer’s soundtrack. To this day I don’t know if the music featured in this trailer was featured in the actual film, or if it’s simply stock music, as that last piece I have heard in several episodes of Top Gear. But whether it is or isn’t, doesn’t matter, as it’s just epic!

It’s a really cool and unforgettable trailer, that still sends tingles down my spine to this day. It is simply an Awesome trailer!

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