Baby Pet Rhino

When I was a young boy, I had many dreams about things I wanted. At times, they were everything I ever wanted. These things included having my own Miniature Railway in the backyard (inspired by a clip from Classic Trains). When I was in my infant years at primary school, what I wanted more than anything, was my own baby pet Rhino.

I loved Rhino’s, and I still do, quite possibly my favourite animal in the world! They were my favourite part of visiting the zoo, they were the animal I most enjoyed seeing on Zoo TV shows, like that series of Animal Hospital at Whipsnade Zoo. During sharing lessons at class rooms, I would always talk about them.


I loved them to bits, and seeing as we had a Cat living in the house; in my mind it felt equally possible that we could also have a Baby Pet Rhino running around the house too. Several years later, it was even a topic in an episode of ChuckleVision. It never happened of course, but thinking about it now, it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway. Rhino’s get pretty big; the biggest I saw was at Dalton Zoo, and comparing the size of that one to the size of my house’s biggest room, it would have been a struggle. I doubt even the backyard would have had enough space for a fully grown Rhino!


So, yeah, I never got a baby pet Rhino, which is probably for the best! But, I did get a Cuddly Toy Rhino for Christmas one year, which I absolutely loved! I still have him, twenty years on. A couple of years ago he visited me in hospital, and stayed with me for a couple of nights until I left. He is Awesome (although he is sadly missing an eye)!


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