Mini Film Review – Wonder Woman 1984

Yesterday I watched Wonder Woman 1984, and it was pretty good! Directed by Patty Jenkins, and starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Pedro Pascal; Wonder Woman 1984 is a superhero movie, where Wonder Woman has to contend with two major foes who threaten the world, simply by granting wishes! WW84 is a very interesting and enjoyable film, featuring a good reunion, lots of fun relationship scenes, great character development, and cool fight scenes. There is one issue with it though, there is no real set-up! The film just sort of starts, there is no inciting or dramatic moment for the story to launch from. So you get into the first hour and are sort of lost as to what the end goal of the film is leading to, and there are several blink and you’ll miss it moments of detail, as you don’t see how one thing affects the other. When the film goes past it’s half-way point, things then start to become clear and are heading in a real direction. The start just feels slow, like it’s pretending it’s the first film in a trilogy, not a sequel. It doesn’t really take off until past the halfway point, from then on it’s flying to the stratosphere, and becomes one of more gripping superhero films to date, but it could have at least explained more, or just provided something to grab your attention from the first act. But, even though it has that glaring issue, it’s still a fun and enjoyable watch, that you won’t want to turn away from!

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