Mini Film Review – Scream For Me Sarajevo

Yesterday I watched Scream for Me Sarajevo; and it was very powerful! Directed by Tarik Hodzic, and starring Bruce Dickinson, Alen Ajanovic, and Esad Bratovic; Scream for Me Sarajevo is a documentary film about how a concert was organized in war torn Sarajevo featuring Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson. The film begins by talking about the Bosnian War and how it affected the everyday lives of those who lived in Sarajevo and other cities during that time. It talked about how people saw it when it first happened, and how they came to live with it in it’s later years. It then goes on to talk about how and why a concert was setup, and the difficulties of trying to get a famous singer to play a concert in a warzone. It’s a very powerful film as it really demonstrates the horrors and the images of the war, but it also talks about how important such a concert was for the people who got the chance to see it; and the fond memories they have of it. It also features a collection of songs from Bruce Dickinson’s solo career, as well as a selection of pieces from Iron Maiden. It was a really interesting film which conveyed a collection of powerful memories and emotions, which leaves a very inspirational note!

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