Top 5 The Day Is My Enemy Songs

The Day Is My Enemy is the sixth studio album by The Prodigy!Originally released in 2015, it was speculated that it could be the last album from The Prodigy with a shift to releasing EPs, but they have since released a further album called No Tourists. Produced over a period of six years, it was the first time that both Maxim, and Keith Flint were actively involved in the songwriting process.


The Day Is My Enemy is an interesting album as it features a continued style and theme throughout, with the songs blending into each other quite well. It’s not a continued piece of music, all the tracks are different, but it does sound like a more consistent album in comparison to the previous album; Invaders Must Die. As a result, it is a lot easier to listen to on a constant stream. I really like it, it’s got quite a few cool songs on it, and sounds like a stronger album as a result. So I thought I would share my top 5 favourites from it. Almost all the songs on this album are really good and stand out in their own way, so instead of listing the other cool songs, I am just going to leave a recommendation to listen to the full album. Anyway: here are my Top 5 Favourite Songs from the Day Is My Enemy; Enjoy!


5. The Day Is My Enemy – The album’s title is also the first song on the album. It features a cool heavy drum section, just to kick things off, before leading into a mysterious alien sounding voice, introducing the song. It then builds in content, with the sounds becoming louder and heavier, before then kicking into the song’s main riff. It features many of the hallmarks of iconic Prodigy songs, but in this case, it uses these hallmarks to grab your attention, bring you in, and fasten your seatbelt, for the slow drop before the first hill of the rollercoaster!

4. Invisible Sun – Not Fast, Not Energetic; this one is slow, low and brooding. It builds in tone, but not in speed. It increases content, but not with the speed or tune, it’s just extra content. This leads to those slow, but deep sounding lyrics, and then those cool breaks in-between before taking us on the trip once more!

3. Rebel Radio – A track with different composures, but consistent in their deliveries. The lyrics are frequent and quick, but allows space for us to listen to the rest of the cool music. The introduction is ear catching, and draws you in, plus it wants you to discover more. And then, we do discover more, it’s a cool song!

2. Ibiza – A fast track with some heavy moments, and a cool chorus. But the highlight is the loud, crude, and boisterous sections of spoken words between the chorus. Their not lyrics, just loud, inconsistent speech moments which just, well, work. It’s rather cool, and something which stick out as you listen to the song. It makes Ibiza sound like a wild and crazy place for a night out!

1. Medicine – A strange Asian street sound backed up with some cool hip hop riffs. It features traditional Asian instrument sounds, before jumping into a very catchy riff, backed up with some cool lyrics, which just roll off the tongue, and stay with you, even after the album moves on. It’s a weird entry and doesn’t sound as dark compared to other tracks on the album, but it’s just so funky and catchy!

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