Mini Film Review – Hancock

I have just watched Hancock; and it was ok! Directed by Peter Berg, and starring Will Smith, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman; Hancock is a superhero film about a superhero with an image problem, going through a process of rehabilitation with the not so adoring public. It’s a cool idea, but the execution is rather dull. It tries to setup comedic moments, but they just feel awkward and weird. The film just drones on, loses your interest, and goes down a far too simple route just to get it moving. As the film reaches it’s third act, you can’t wait for it to finish; but then it gets good. In the film’s final third, it starts to turn it around. It becomes interesting, with good characters, some cool action scenes, and some nice surprises. It almost makes it worthwhile sticking to the end! It’s a cool idea, and the ending is great, but why did it takes it’s time in getting there, why couldn’t it have rushed to the final third, and then carried that on? It feels like a dull and wasted opportunity to do something different with the superhero genre. Maybe just skip to the film’s final act!

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