Mini Film Review – Olympus Has Fallen

Yesterday, I watched Olympus Has Fallen; and it was pretty good! Directed by Antoine Fuqua, and starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman; Olympus Has Fallen is an action film about a terrorist attack on the White House. Ironically this film was released the same year as White House Down; a film also about an attack on the White House. Olympus Has Fallen begins by highlighting the important relationships of it’s key characters, setting up their drive to keep going later on the film, very similar in many respects to The Raid. The initial attack on the White House is an incredible thing to watch, as the attackers have literally thought of everything, and the film goes for surprises, rather than the obvious. The action scenes in the film are exciting and really nail biting, and the film takes its time in making those scenes last as long as they need to be, to be thoroughly enjoyed. But there is also plenty of room for drama, and more work on those nicely setup relationships. The film has some cool secondary supporting cast in the background, but keeps its eyes on making this the best action film it can be in it’s parameters. The ending is rather cliched, it didn’t need to end that way, it just makes it look ridiculous; but apart from that; it’s an explosive, action packed, nail biting ride; for those who want some explosive nail biting action!

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  1. Fun film, my partner and I brought into this franchise randomly and really enjoyed the next one in London.


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