Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games

When the Seventh Generation of video game consoles were released, my first pick of the pack was: The Nintendo Wii! I originally had no intention of buying either the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. My previous console was a GameCube, and I wanted to get a Wii. The games it had coming out for it, plus the interesting controller design; the Wii was the one for me.


Things only began to change around mid 2008, when I wanted to play other games that weren’t available on the Wii. At first I was interested in getting an Xbox 360 because that was the console of choice for some of the friends I had made on a BTEC course at the time. But, my focus eventually began to shift more towards the PS3, mainly due to the trailer for MAG. It wasn’t until the summer of 2009 though, that I made my decision and bought a PS3.


From the first time I turned it on, I absolutely adored the experience of it (there was a brief time shortly afterwards when it stopped working and had to be replaced, but after that everything was fine). The PS3 gave me the opportunity to dive into more single player experiences, as I was a Wii owner, with hardly anyone to play it with. I am still mostly a lonely player. Anyway, the games on offer for the PS3 were a great way for me to play more games directed at solo play, and I had a lot of fun with it. It eventually became my main console!

But good things pretty much never last, and as my focus went to other ways to play games; the PS3 was just sitting in my room gathering dust. I probably would have moved it on sooner, but I needed it for the Blu-ray player, and it wasn’t until I had got an external Blu-ray drive for my PC that I was finally able to move it on.


As I had one in my ownership for several years and played a lot of great games on it, I thought I would provide you with my Top 10 Favourite Games on it. Now there were a lot to choose from, and sadly some didn’t make it into the top 10. But, that doesn’t mean those games aren’t noteworthy, and so here are the other games I also enjoyed playing on my PS3:

And so, without further ado; here are my Top 10 Favourite Games on the PlayStation 3; Enjoy!


10. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift – When I bought my PS3, the first game I wanted to buy was this one. Sadly it wasn’t available; so I had to wait until my birthday to get it. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift continues the MotorStorm series of racing games set in a different kind of environment, with a cavalcade of different vehicles to choose from. The maps ranged from dense jungles, watery valleys, to the slopes of a volcano. And the vehicle choices ranged from bikes and buggy’s to big rigs and monster trucks. It was a different kind of racing game, and an incredible experience. Ok, the campaign mode was a little restrictive; but the gameplay was top notch! The game’s trailer also introduced me to the music of Pendulum!


9. Massive Action Game (MAG) – The trailer for MAG is one of the most awesome and impressive game trailers ever shown at E3. The idea of MAG, was a giant First-Person-Shooter Multiplayer arena (kind of like an MMO). 256 players, would play in large scale battles across a map, with the players split into two warring factions. Both armies would be split into teams of 8 people. As players progressed through the game, they would gain higher ranks, leading to leadership positions, to command teams, then command groups of teams. These mini teams would look to complete missions, to assist in the wider goal to complete the mission. It was one of the first large scale multiplayer battlegrounds. Yes when it came out it had some buggy problems, but in time they improved, and it became a very enjoyable experience!


8. Brütal Legend – I had a bad experience with Fallout 3 (which I have previously blogged about), and in turn the game was just sitting on my shelves gathering dust. So I traded it in for Brutal Legend. Brutal Legend was a really cool game. It was a real-time-strategy game with a level of adventure and hack and slash genres added to it. It was set in a world inspired by Heavy Metal Music, and came with a soundtrack to boot, as well as some cool comedic pieces. It was such a fun experience, I didn’t want to stop playing it, I couldn’t get enough of it!


7. Dishonored – This one was kind of a surprise for me. I had heard good things about it, but I wasn’t expecting much. But then, I was off work with a cold, and just played this all day long. It was a really gripping experience. The stealth elements were well done, the choice of which route you took, and how you proceeded with the task in hand were well made, the powers at hand were really cool, and your actions having an impact later in the game were a really surprising but cool introduction. It was just a really engrossing experience that I wanted to play all day and night long! My advice though, don’t play it over and over again, as it can dampen the experience, give it a few years between each go!


6. ModNation Racers – At first I had no interest in this game, but then my Computer Games Development tutor at college, showed me a few things and I became a bit more interested in it. The main focus of the game was the ability to create user generated content, and share them online. Things to create and share included drivers, cars, and race tracks. As a single player experience though, it was really good. The story/campaign was fun, sometimes intense, but also really compelling with an interesting plot and some cool cutscenes. The tracks were fun, with an element of Mario Kart in them with weapons, but these weapons could be upgraded to better versions. Plus, whilst my designs were never popular with the online world, it was still fun coming up with new car designs and playing around with the options. It was a surprisingly good, and engrossing game!


5. Killzone 3 – Killzone 2 was one of the first games I played on the PS3, and it was really good. But Killzone 3 sort of blew it out of the water. It continued on the plot from the first game, and whilst some of the previous installments characters were written out, and other voices changed; the story was an interesting one as it showed drama and conflict on both sides of the battle, through an interesting yet captivating series of cutscenes. The levels were a better mix as they really explored the world of Helghan, and the game on the whole was just a good old first person shooter; with some cool surprises!


4. Fairytale Fights – I found this game almost by chance. I saw a trailer for it whilst at college, then whilst at Teesside University, found a copy in the Video Games room. I played it, and instantly fell in love with it. It was an interesting take on both a fairytale world, and hack and slash games. It was very violent, but in a silly cartoony way, and almost everything I did, would create a nice smile of enjoyment across my face. It was daft, it was silly, and it was very funny. It was the kind of game that comes once in a blue moon; and shouldn’t be ignored, or forgotten!


3. Test Drive Unlimited 2 – I really liked the idea of the first Test Drive Unlimited game, but I didn’t have a console to play it on; so when this one came out I jumped at the chance. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is an open world racing game where the player takes on several AI or online players, racing in races. But, that’s not all, as there is a life to be enjoyed. I liked the idea of a racing game where there was more to it, and one of the most enjoyable aspects to this game was the fact that I didn’t just have to race, I could go for a lovely drive, explore the world, buy a house, buy cars, and visit car dealerships. It was a fun and relaxing world, plus there was a casino to go to, without spending actual money in it, I could just go and play for fun. Basically, it was a car enthusiasts playground!


2. Heavy Rain – Heavy Rain was an interesting experience. The game was more like a movie, or a TV drama than a game. You played one of four characters, whose lives intertwine; during the reign of a serial killer known as The Origami Killer. The game’s plot was well setup, and it went from joy to misery, as all characters ventured through the twisted world, all hoping to reach the climax. It really highlighted what games could be, instead of the same thing, or the same genre, or the same experience. The story was gripping, and the possible routes your characters could travel down, chosen by your own actions; made an already engrossing experience, into a more captivating one!

Moby Games

1. Far Cry 3 – Much like Killzone 2, Far Cry 2 was one of the first games I played on my PS3, but yet again it was blown out of the water by this psychedelic monster. Far Cry 3 was a really cool and interesting experience. Set on a far away island, who inhabitants have all gone a little crazy, you play a character who is a fish out of water, who first kills to survive, but then, begins to be twisted by the experience. You fought off against some cool, and captivating villains, whilst trying to survive on an island where everything wants to kill you. Far Cry 3 was an absolute juggernaut, one of the finest first person shooter experiences ever created, and my personal favourite game on the PlayStation 3!

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