Mini Video Game Review – Mars Horizon

Recently I have been playing Mars Horizon; and it’s rather boring! Developed by Auroch Digital; Mars Horizon is a space management game where you run a space agency, and compete with others to launch missions into space. I like the idea of Kerbal Space Program, but you sort of need to be a genius to play it. So I looked at this game and thought it’s simplicity would perhaps be the game I want to play. But it’s rather boring! Things take time to do, so you’re spending most of your time clicking either the next month or next event buttons, just to get to the next situation. It’s the kind of game that perhaps would be best played on your phone, or windowed whilst you do other things, because if you play it full on, you are going to get bored. It’s a nice idea, I just wish there was more to it, or if there was more satisfaction to be gained from playing it!

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