Five Potential Ideas For Super Mario Sport Games

This week, I have started playing Mario Golf: Super Rush; and it’s been ok…so far! This is not a review of that game. There are some niggling issues I have with it currently, from the lack of more focused motion control gameplay, to one character’s over use of the phrase “Hey Hey!”, but apart from that it’s quite fun…so far!


This is not a review, I just thought it would be cool to look at some Sport based games that have not been played by Super Mario in a major release yet. Mario has already competed in a number of major sports, including Karting (obviously), Football (which is really overdue for a new game), Tennis, Golf, and the full blown Summer and Winter Olympics. But I still think there is potential for some more. Some of the below suggestions may have been played by Mario before, but not in their own full release, more just a mini game extra that showed some potential. So anyway, here are some Sports which I think Super Mario should dip his toe into for his next major release; Enjoy!

My Dart Board

5. Darts – Given that Super Rush has demonstrated that you don’t need full motion controls in order to play Golf, I can’t see why Darts should be all that difficult to play without motion controls either. You could still put them in, for those who want to try it, but at the end of the day, it would be the players choice!


4. Ski Jumping – This would be a potentially smaller release, but why not? The ski-jumping game was one of the best mini-games on Wii Fit. At the end of the day it would rely more on skill and button pressing, but you could have a character, and build their stats and performance capabilities up, so that they can score big on smaller slopes and build up to the bigger ones. Plus there would a high level of tension when players start scoring within centimeters of each other!


3. Basketball – Mario has played basketball before. He’s played it in several games as a mini game, but the only experience I have seen him in to date was in an extra mini game in Mario Party 6. Called Dunk Bros, the mini game was rather addictive, and a lot of fun, with a cool backing track. I am surprised that to date there has not been a major Super Mario Basketball release!


2. Paintball – I think, given how much he as done so far, why can’t we have a First Person Shooter Super Mario game? You could use paintball to make it fun, silly and friendly, plus given the amount of weapons in Mario Kart, said weapons and special abilities would make a Paintball Mario game really cool. Plus, the number of varying different game styles for people to try are practically endless!


1. Wrestling – Whilst some regard Professional Wrestling as not a real sport, given how it is often described as Sport’s Entertainment; then you could be forgiven for thinking it as a Sport in general. Seriously though, why hasn’t there been a Super Mario Wrestling game? It almost makes complete and total sense, given the circus/entertainment presentation, with characters/personas, fighting each other in combat. With Mario’s roster of characters, it already has a weight division, plus there would be a bountiful amount of cool super power based wrestling moves. A cool/goofy/cartoony wrestling game could be soo much fun, and if the creators need a direction to go in; check out the controls and gameplay mechanics of WWE Day of Reckoning; the best wrestling game ever produced!

Which sports would you like to see Super Mario try out next?

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