Movie Trailers – Avatar

Can you believe that it’s been over 10 years since Avatar was released? I think it’s slightly more surprising that not a single sequel to this mega hit has been released yet (possibly even more surprising than some of the film’s top billing, not being mega movie stars right now).


I originally had no intention of seeing this film. I kept on getting muddled up between this an Avatar: The Last Airbender, plus, I was just not interested in it. I thought that it was nothing more than how Don McMillan described animation’s in PowerPoint, and that this film was nothing more than a PowerPoint animation project. So what changed my mind? It was the film’s trailer.

The trailer for Avatar is pretty cool, and it really does show off it’s only selling point, it’s highly imagined and produced computer generated imagery. But there is more to this trailer. Firstly it tells a story. Within a minute it introduces Sam Worthington‘s character, and Stephen Lang‘s, whilst also revealing Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez amongst others. Plus it has the great line: “You are not in Kansas anymore!”, all the while playing a piece of music from the end of the Michael Bay film The Island.


This rather pleasurable and tranquil collection of scenes then turns serious as it delves into the film’s key plot areas, action scenes, life on the planet of Pandora; followed up by moments of drama and conflict, sowing the seeds for the bigger picture.

It starts off pleasant and tranquil, and that’s where the height of this film’s coolness lies, but in then goes a bit deep into it’s Epic plan, and then the clich├ęs begin to emerge. Sort of spoils where this film is going and where it will lead up to.


Avatar was a momentous film for the decade it was released in, and as such required a momentous trailer. But for me; it should have just been the first minute or so; at least that didn’t carry any cliched references as to what the film would eventually become!

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