Mini Film Review – Mothra

Last night I watched Mothra; and I absolutely enjoyed it! Directed by Ishirô Honda, and starring Furankî Sakai, Hiroshi Koizumi, and The Peanuts (Yumi Itô and Emi Itô); Mothra (or Mosura if you prefer) is a giant monster movie starring the beloved Giant Moth who shares the same name as the movie. In this film, Mothra’s twin fairies have been taken away from their home on Infant Island, and thus summon Mothra to help rescue them. The film was a really enjoyable classic. The film focuses on the comic relief of sorts as the film’s lead human, with some cool supporting cast surrounding him, including the kind of villain (Jerry Itô) you’d recognize from an episode of Captain Scarlet. The film’s plot is intriguing and captivating, and really takes it’s time to introduce who/what Mothra is, leading to a surprising reveal (if this was the first time you’d ever seen the Moth in question). But the real joy of this film comes from it’s monster focused action. The scenes involving Mothra are delightful, the miniatures are intricate in detail, and the city destruction scenes are exquisite. A thoroughly enjoyable movie from start to finish, delivering everything on a silver plate of delicious excellence!

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