Mini Film Review – Outlander

Yesterday I watched Outlander; and I really liked it! Directed by Howard McCain; and starring Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, and Jack Huston; Outlander is a science fiction film about a man from another world, who crash lands in Viking era Scandinavia, but something has escaped from his ship. It was a really cool film. It features a really cool cast of characters including Ron Perlman, John Hurt, and Cliff Saunders; each playing either a role you’d expect, or in some cases a role you wouldn’t. The story is pretty simple to follow, which weaves in some elements of drama, but doesn’t go down cliched routes, instead creating it’s own little thing, with some surprises. Ok, the ending went a bit sideways at first, but then returned to normal. The CGI was a little lackluster in the light, so it was good then that the monster effects were mostly in the dark to hide these issues. Altogether it was a cool, and very enjoyable movie, that provides a cool story, and something for both science fiction, and fantasy fans to enjoy together!

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