Top 5 Monsters I Would Like To See In A Future Godzilla Movie

It is no secret that I love Godzilla Films! They are my number 1 favourite film series ever produced, and whenever a new one is either in development or due for release, I simply can’t wait to see it.

One of the hallmarks of the series is of course the moment where the King of the Monsters squares up with another titan of relatively equal size, and reduce an entire city to rubble. It’s the kind of thing we have come to expect from the series, and pretty much the main event of most of the movies. With a film series that has more than 30+ films in it, Godzilla has faced a huge array of monsters, varying in design, style, and ability, and there are a lot to choose from when ranking which would be your favourite (bar the most obvious one).

Toho Kingdom

Currently the future of the series is uncertain. Whilst there are some ideas floating around, there has yet to be any concrete plans announced. But, knowing how this series has continued over nearly 70 years, it probably won’t be too long until another entry is announced. But as we can still dream as to what the next film could look like, I thought I would share with you which Monsters I would like to either see the Big G spar up with (or in the case of a couple of these monsters, team up with) in a future installment. So here are my Top 5 Personal Picks for Contenders to the G man also known as Godzilla; Enjoy!

Toho Kingdom

5. Gorosaurus – Gorosaurus is an incredibly cool monster. He is one of the standout participants in Destroy All Monsters. Introduced early on, taking a step back for most of the film, minus his attack on Paris, but then brought full in to the end fight, delivering a lethal kick to King Ghidorah. His design is really cool with that oddly shaped head, and when you see him in one scene, it’s like he and Godzilla are close buddies, looking at each other and communicating. Maybe not the most powerful or dangerous of monsters, but his cool design and inclusion make him an integral part of that film. Sadly he has not been seen (except in stock footage) in a film since then (over 50 years ago), which is just a shame, and he is way overdue for a return, maybe as a tag team partner to Godzilla (or King Kong if set in the MonsterVerse, maybe he could be the new King of (Spoiler Alert!) Skull Island?)!

VS Battles Wiki

4. Anguirus – I have always had a fondness for Anguirus, he was quite possibly for a time my number 1 favourite monster in the series (possibly even more so than Godzilla). I still have a fondness for him, especially in his 1960’s design, which is really cool. But since the 70’s, he has not been seen much. He did appear in Final Wars, and a quick blink and you’ll miss it moment in KOTM, but other than that, he has been relegated to comics, books, video games, and a recent showcase in Singular Point. Much like Gorosaurus above, he is way overdue a return to the big screen, either it be in a good guy, or bad guy way; as much as any other major monster, he deserves another prolonged appearance on the big screen!


3. Gigan – Gigan has a very notorious presence in the film series, and why wouldn’t he, when he is one of the toughest fighters in the series to date. He debuted in the 1970’s, and was the first monster to make Godzilla bleed, an achievement no one can take from him. He was a brutal fighter, and one who didn’t go down without a fight, in fact, of his two appearances in the 1970’s, he technically wasn’t defeated, instead deciding to chicken out rather than fight to the death! Then, when he returned in 2004, he once again proved his metal in combat, and like a true villain, just kept coming back for more. He is built with a rather savage appearance, using claw hooks for hands, and features a buzz saw down his body length. He looks like a savage monster, and fights like a lethal warrior too. He is practically a perfect, and sinister monster to helm/anchor an entire future film around!


2. Battra – When I watched Godzilla vs Mothra for the first time, I was blown away by it. It was an incredible film, and instantly my new favourite film. One of the things that made it stand out was the inclusion of Battra. Battra is practically the opposite to Mothra, with a sleek and black design that looks dangerous and sinister, and has the abilities to back them up, easily going toe to toe with Godzilla. Battra is one of the best monster creations in the series to date; and I hope this is not the last time we get to see the majesty of Battra!

Play-Grid Fandom

1. Desghidorah – To date, Desghidorah has never appeared in a Godzilla film. Desghidorah has made it’s only film appearance so far in Rebirth of Mothra in 1996 (a film, which due to Blu-ray region issues, I still have not been able to watch). However, I still think he could be a cool monster for Godzilla to fight. His design is all black, he carries some of the trademarks of close relative King Ghidorah, and in general, he looks menacing. I just think he would be a cool enemy for Godzilla to fight, and might bring some other style of attack to the table in comparison to King Ghidorah!

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