The Ducks! is a collection of poems published on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing by myself! Much like my previous book, the cover art was produced by my friend Matthew Colclough.

The poems featured inside are ones I have written over the years, some of which are old pieces I wrote many years ago, whilst others are a lot more recent. The range of poems vary from real life stories and experiences, to more fictional pieces, surrounding subjects such as Trains, Scary people inside Mirrors, The Abominable Snowman, Animals in general, and the basics to playing Bass Guitar.


It is called The Ducks as that is the name of one of the poems inside, and acts as a handy tip as to what to do when hanging around Ducks.


The book is available both as a Paperback, and in Kindle too. I hope you will consider purchasing a copy, and enjoy reading it too!

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