Steh Auf

Steh Auf is a song by Lindemann, a solo project of Till Lindemann; who is better known as the lead vocalist for Rammstein! Steh Auf was released as a single, and can be found on Lindemann’s second studio album F & M.


I have known about Rammstein for a long time now, and do really like their music. It’s fast and loud, but also very interesting in their composure and choice of songs. Plus they pack a real punch when performing live. I first heard of Lindemann earlier this year when I discovered them entirely by chance thanks to a live performance I found on YouTube, and delved further into it, and why the lead singer looked so familiar.

At first I thought the performance looked weird due to the band’s choice of make-up, but then further down the line decided to look up the band again. Steh Auf is one of two songs I have heard them perform. The other is Allesfresser. One thing stands out about both songs; and that’s they are rather catchy, even though I don’t speak German. Both songs, much like most of Rammstein’s catalogue is sung in German, and much like Rammstein, I don’t know what the translation is; but despite that, they are very catchy and sung with a painful amount of passion which you can’t help but join in with.

Out of the two songs I have heard so far, Steh Auf is my favourite. It’s a really heavy track, but is packed with that almost orchestral brand of Heavy Metal found in Rammstein’s performances. The song is also very quick, but due to how sort of over the top it is, it is an adrenaline fueled ride, that may be short, but it’s just as sweet as Judas Priest‘s Breaking The Law is!

It’s a really unique song, and for this, plus the above reasons and more; it’s my song for 2021; because why not?

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