Top 5 PC Games I Played In 2021

It’s been an interesting year for my PC Game enjoyment! I have played quite a large number of video games, and played many different genre’s. I have also replayed a lot of games that I have previously enjoyed too, such as Kingdoms and Castles, and Destiny 2; though this time I did splurge out on a season pass to get more out that experience. But what makes the year interesting, is the frequency of games I have played during the year.

Steam Screenshot

What do I mean by frequency, well, there were a few times when I was wrapped up in my gaming experience! And then there were others when I was playing games that weren’t all that great; and I was playing them for the sake of playing them. There were several games I enjoyed during this year, but there were some real stinkers! Absolute disappointments which I regret purchasing; including (but not limited to):

But, this list is not about the worst games of my PC gaming year, but for the best. Now as usual some games sadly did not make the grade, but are still worthy enough of a mention, and those games are:

Star Wars Battlefront II, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Opus Magnum, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Infinifactory.

And so; without further ado, here are my Top 5 PC Games from 2021; Enjoy!


5. Styx: Shards of Darkness – This was a pleasantly surprising stealth game very similar to the early entries in the Thief series, where it highlights the importance of stealth against going in all guns blazing. You play as a little Goblin who is trying to make a living stealing in a place where Goblin’s are hated. As a stealth game goes, there is no need to rush, as it’s all about trying to spot the patterns, and gain the equipment to make it as easy as possible for you to thrive!

Steam Screenshot

4. Bomber Crew – This was an incredibly indulging experience. It’s an interesting take on strategy games as you command the crew of a single Lancaster Bomber doing daring raids against the enemy during World War II. So you have to order your crew around, by ordering the plane to take-off, set out co-ordinates, and move the crew around to gun positions, bomb targets, and help keep the plane up in the air as it gets more and more riddled with bullets, and the crew starts to get injured. It was at times stressful in the heat of the moment, and whilst you could upgrade your plane, I did think it was a bit idiotic to not have the option to buy a better aircraft in general; but on the whole it was a very engrossing experience!


3. Grand Theft Auto V – This (at the time of writing) is the most recent game I have played from the whole year. It took some time to get into it, but once I was a few missions in, and began to understand the world more, I didn’t want to stop. It features several different types of missions, and the whole stock market gameplay option was interesting to get into. I started off hoping it would turn into Akira, and whilst it’s a little more laid back than that, it still does have it’s crazy moments. Just try to avoid using a helicopter, because it’s not worth it!

Steam Screenshot

2. Mr. Prepper – Another interesting take on strategy and base building games. You play as Mr. Prepper, a man imprisoned in a police state who just wants to leave, but isn’t allowed to. So he goes out into the world to collect the resources he needs to make his getaway; which is hard when the authorities are constantly keeping tabs on him. It was an interesting experience as you discover the world, build up your home base, but all the while trying to hide it all from the inspectors, who come every few days to look around your house. It’s an interesting take on the two genres, but one that blends together into a very interesting game!

Steam Screenshot

1. Dyson Sphere Program – Thanks to; I have become a fan of resource management games, especially for ones where you have to move resources around to create products to advance through the game. In this game, you play as a robot trying to do just that in hope of building a Dyson Sphere (I never got that far). I played this game whilst ill in Lockdown, and it was probably the thing that helped me most to get through it. I just didn’t want to stop. In hindsight I could have tried to understand how copy and pasting worked, but it doesn’t matter too much in the end, as the game was packed with some really nice surprises in product movement and manufacturing; to the rather relaxing experience flying through space to other planets. Yes I finished early when I thought I had reached the end of my experience, but due to the fulfilling hole it filled in my life in the summer; it was very hard to re-fulfill that hole afterwards; and from that incredibly engrossing experience, it becomes my favourite game of the year!

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