Top 5 Films Of 2021

Movie-wise; I would like to think that this year was better than the previous year! 2020 started off great, then sort of stopped, and then got hopeful, then crawled towards the finishing line. 2021 meanwhile, sort of started off low, but then got better as the year went on (movie-wise at least).

Yes, 2021 was still carrying the lows of 2020, but then things started to change. Once the cinema’s finally reopened, I made sure to go and see a movie (Mortal Kombat) as soon as humanly possible. I then made sure to watch all the films I wanted to see, and could see at the cinema (including a fun double weekend cinema going to see both Candyman, and a film in the list below). But it wasn’t just simply going to the cinema which was a positive to my movie year. I started a new weekly trend, in the form of watching a movie after Sunday Lunch. OK, there was the odd one or two occasions, where I would take a break, but still, I think I have watched more movies than I did last year, and enjoyed the experience a whole lot more.


There have been a number of good releases this year, and so as the year comes to a conclusion, it’s time to once again hold aloft my top 5 personal favourites. Now this year, I am doing something a little extra. Due to the events of 2020, there were some films (and additional others) released in that year I didn’t get to see that year, but I did get to see this year. So, I have decided to include them in this list. But as always, there are some other goodies which didn’t make it into the prestigious Top 5, so here are the ‘The Good Remainders’ as I called them, when choosing the Top 5:

Sputnik, Mortal Kombat, Wonder Woman 1984, and Godzilla vs. Kong.

And so with all the paperwork out of the way, here are my Top 5 Favourite Films from 2021; Enjoy!


5. No Time To DieJames Bond goes out with a bang in his final (Well, Daniel Craig‘s final) mission as he tries to stop a new deadly weapon from taking hold! No Time To Die had a lot to hold up to, which was especially conveyed in no small way by it’s possibly over the top marketing strategy. Well, it may not be the best James Bond film, or even Daniel Craig’s best James Bond film, but it’s still good enough. It keeps the story of his tenure going; by keeping cast members in it introduced in previous entries, and then builds up to the all important climax, which does wrap up the story nicely, even if it was a little predictable!


4. Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueDC Comics finest assemble to take on the threat posed by Steppenwolf, to prevent an even darker villain from returning to Earth! This is a tricky one to explain, as it’s simply a longer cut of the 2017 film Justice League, but stitched back together to create the original vision. The production of this film is probably already a historic document; so check that out if you want to understand further. All that aside though, I did rather enjoy this entry. The original film is absolute Pants, where as this one is very enjoyable. The length (which is longer than a pre-extended cut of any film in the Lord of the Rings series) of the film, knocking at roughly four hours long could put you off watching it, but the film works in nice little chapter breaks, allowing the run to be condensed. I watched it in two, two hour blocks, over 2 days, and I could still understand it. It features a good cast, an interesting villain, and set’s up its possible future villain better, than Thanos was. I really enjoyed it, possibly more than any of the Avengers films!


3. Greenland – With a deadly meteorite on it’s way, a small family rushes off to the one safe place on the entire planet: Greenland! An interesting take on Disaster movies, as instead of a government story about people trying to stop the end of the world, it follows a family trying to survive it. It’s sort of the opposite to Deep Impact, in that where as Deep Impact was rather tame in how the world responds to the impending disaster; Greenland goes above and beyond to convey society breaking down, people resorting to looting, and backstabbing tactics to save themselves. It’s sort of to Disaster Movies, what World War Z was to Zombies; as it keeps the tension, and action up, but there is reason behind the madness, with some moments of heartwarming family moments too, as well as a few shock moments!


2. Nobody – A docile family man with a dark past, slowly reveals his true colours as he is quickly drawn into a fight against a major crime boss! This was a surprisingly good action movie. Sort of like The Raid in setup as it shows a caring family man who is trying to patch things up with his wife, but in the process goes down a violent route as things out of his control; step in his way, and he goes above and beyond to fix it. The one thing that really stood out for me though, was how Funny it was. It’s a seriously funny action film; particularly in the fight scenes, which are done in such a way you can’t stop laughing; and it’s all on purpose too!


1. Free Guy – An NPC in a video game world, has had enough of his docile life, and sets out to change two worlds, by being as nice as possible! It was either this or Nobody for the top spot, but I gave it to Free Guy, as it was just so Awesome! It’s a Comedy Epic, which blends all the best comedies from the last 10 years; into one unstoppable narrative, filled with romance, heartwarming moments, and incontrollable side splitting laughter inducing surprises, which don’t let up, until the film reaches it’s epic conclusion!

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