Mini Film Review – Class Action Park

I have just watched Class Action Park; and it was kind of interesting! Directed by Seth Porges, and Chris Charles Scott III, and narrated by John Hodgman; Class Action Park is a documentary about the infamy and legacy of Action Park, a theme park well documented for it’s many safety concerns. Now if you want a more introductory understanding of Action Park; here is a link to Defunctland‘s in-depth exploration of this infamous theme park.

Class Action Park takes the topic of Action Park to do a much more in-depth review on the subject of the park. It starts off by talking about it’s beginnings, it’s creator Gene Mulvihill, and talked about the creation of the whacky, and often dangerous rides constructed at the park; such as the Cannonball Loop, Tarzan Swings, and Alpine Slides. It then goes on to discuss the popularity of the park, and it’s usually underage staff, who were also untrained, and often under the influence of alcohol, in a work environment which flouted the rules. Finally the film then ventures into the tragic side of the park, as unsafe rides lead to many injuries, and eventually fatalities. It’s an interesting film as it documents many things about Action Park; and tells you of the seedy underbelly of the park’s management; who when they were taken to court over something, made the experience as hard, and as demoralizing as possible for the opposing side. It details the simplest of subtleties which the owners were able to get away with, where as today; wouldn’t be able to hide. It demonstrates a different period of culture, and how that culture lead to the park’s popularity, and how this popularity, plus it’s flouting of what are now hopefully standardized rules; allowed the park to hide it’s many crimes from the outside world. It’s an interesting piece, although the ending does feel like it’s flipping the whole argument on it’s head, plus the titles under people’s names are very hard to read!

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