Mini Video Game Review – Grand Theft Auto V

Recently I have been playing Grand Theft Auto V; and it was pretty good! Developed by Rockstar North; GTA V is an action adventure game serving as the bizarrely seventh main installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. This time around the game focuses on Franklin (Shawn Fonteno), Michael (Ned Luke), and Trevor (Steven Ogg), with Michael and Trevor getting back together to score some big hits, whilst also mentoring new member Franklin. There is a lot to do in the world of Los Santos; from driving cars, to flying planes and even blimps, to smaller activities like playing darts. However the game’s main activity involves taking parts in bigger missions, with some delicate detail in planning to be done, as well as hanging around with some of the world’s more ‘interesting’ characters. The story does take time to get going, and can feel relatively small and at times even boring, but with time greatly improves in your favour. I really enjoyed trying to get to grips with the stock market too; and once you make enough money you can invest in businesses to increase your income, but be prepared to save your cash as this can take some time to achieve. Altogether it was an epic, and certainly fun experience, although I would highly recommend that you avoid using helicopters, as it’s just not worth the misery of trying to fly one!

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