Mini Film Review – Edge Of Tomorrow

Yesterday I watched Edge of Tomorrow, and it was pretty cool! Directed by Doug Liman, and starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, and Bill Paxton; Edge of Tomorrow is a science fiction action film based Japanese light novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The film tells the story of a cowardly American officer, who is ordered to go into combat against an alien foe known as Mimics; but he dies very quickly, only to wake up, and relive the whole day again, and again, and again. The film’s opening is a bit of a blur, and it is hard to get your bearings as to what goes on, but this does help paint the image of a soldier going into combat for the first time. The whole repeating the day is relatively comical, just a bit too serious, and not comical enough. I was sort of hoping it would be more like the X-Force deployment scene in Deadpool 2. But once Cruise and Blunt are finally joined together, the film finally hits it’s own groove, and really takes you far away into the realms of this world, and the stories it can tell. It has it’s funny moments, it’s drama,, action, and the occasional bit of science fiction. But by the end of the film, you are fully immersed into the film, it’s characters, and all the possible possibilities!

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