Mini Film Review – Copshop

Yesterday I watched Copshop; and it was ok! Directed by Joe Carnahan, and starring Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, and Alexis Louder; Copshop is an action thriller about a rookie cop, who enters a battle of wills between a conman and a a hitman, after her police station is attacked, and all of her colleagues are killed! From the outside, Copshop looks like it’s setting itself up to be an action comedy; but whilst it has it’s occasional moments of very brief humor; there is very little detail to laugh about. For the most part it comes across as a character based action film; as it features varying different types of criminal, as they are brought together to kill each other off. These types of characters allow some interesting plot conclusions and occasional surprises to take place; though this does not really help, as the film is rather dull! It’s a slow plodding film which may use these dull moments to portray the mundane life of a police officer’s average evening shift; but given it’s an action film, you do begin to beg for more action. It does have it’s positives; the very violent action sequences, packed up with some very detailed moments of gore for instance are a break from the dull bits. Plus, the dynamics between Butler, Grillo, and Louder (and of course not forgetting Toby Huss) are pretty engrossing; not to mention the later scenes of pure badassery! But for the most part, it is a pretty dull experience!

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