Mini Film Review – The Batman

I have just seen The Batman; and it was Brilliant! Directed by Matt Reeves, and starring Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, and Jeffrey Wright; The Batman is a superhero film, which sees Batman tackling citywide corruption whilst also dealing with the deadly crimes of the serial killer simply known as; the Riddler. Acting as a reboot and the first in an intended separate series to the DC Extended Universe does make this film a bit tricky on the outside, as it requires a lot of explaining. But; thankfully the film is more than capable of speaking up for itself. Instead of travelling immediately down the already well documented origins of the character, this film chooses to launch off after a couple of years of crime fighting, whilst creating it’s own vision and storylines. To this end Bruce Wayne is more of a recluse than a playboy, but this mystery does allow some of the film’s more dramatic moments to really hit home hard. The film is more of a detective story than a grand visual piece, as it reaches deep down into the corrupt underbelly of Gotham City, and already highlights key and iconic characters to keep an eye on. The film still has it’s big stunt moments, and plenty of high octane action; but for the most part is a simple crime story. It’s not a film featuring an epic visual scale; more featuring an epic and intricate level of detail, like the one of the best crime stories. But then; just so you can have some adrenaline pumping on the way home, it turns up it’s epic-scale-o-meter; and sets up future, as well as mysterious possibilities. It’s been nearly enough a decade since Christopher Nolan‘s final chapter in his incredible Batman trilogy; and now we have the first chapter in possibly another epic Batman Saga; I just hope that this one doesn’t lead us to another Batman and Robin!

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