Mini Video Game Review – Super Mario 3D World

Recently I have been playing Super Mario 3D World; and it’s pretty good! Developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch; Super Mario 3D World is a platform game, where the player controls Mario around a variety of levels in order to rescue ‘Sprixies’ from Bowser. Whilst this game features Bowser’s Fury; I have not played/ reached that part yet, so this post is for the base game. It’s a nice relaxing experience on the whole, as it’s easy to get into the game through it’s simplistic approach, but it still carries a real depth of a challenge in it’s gameplay, as you try to complete the levels, and later on unlock all the little titbit bonuses. The levels are well thought out, with some real surprises in both design, and gameplay options. Its also nice to be able to collect power-ups, and have them saved for later use, so if you begin to struggle, you can simply call upon the last saved one. So on the whole it is just a pretty simple game with some relaxing elements, but still packing a punch of a challenge for anyone and everyone to get stuck into!

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