Recent Bakes 4

It’s been a while since I last posted about some of my recent cake baking attempts; so here is a delicious looking update! Enjoy!


This one I don’t remember much about other than it’s a Coconut Loaf cake, and it tasted really nice. Plus it allowed me to use up some of the Desiccated coconut in the cupboard, which I really like.


This one uses a recipe from a cupcake cookery book. The recipe is for chocolate cake with Mint icing, but here I swapped the mint for Strawberry icing. And then I decorated it with Minstrels and broken up bits of Flake.


Much like the one above, this one has the mint swapped for an Orange flavored icing. Then decorated it (I think) with just bits of Flake.


This is a Chocolate Salted Caramel slice tray bake from a Dr. Oetker Cake Mix; it was really nice!


From the previous Christmas, I was given some Dinosaur themed Sprinkles. So I created a Hidden Surprise Spiced Loaf Cake, but inside I created an assortment of shapes to suggest bones and fossilized dinosaur remains. The cake is therefore a reverse coloured dinosaur fossil dig.


I used to make Hat Cakes like this one a lot when I first started baking, but it’s been a few years. The flavour is Vanilla for both the cake and the icing, although I coloured the icing Pink to make it look nice.


I know this is not really baking, but I thought I would still share it. Inspired by Squid Game, I had a go at making Dalgona Candy.


Finally, this is a mint version of the Chocolate and Mint Cake I mentioned above, but as it’s nearly Easter, I swapped the Maltesers I usually add for Mini Eggs instead, and finished it with some crushed Oreo‘s too.

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