Mini Book Review – Encounters

Recently I have been reading Encounters; and it was pretty good! Written by Jason Wallace, and published by Andersen Press; Encounters is a teen fiction novel inspired by the Ariel School UFO Incident that took place in Zimbabwe in 1994. The story follows a group of school children, as they each re-tell the story of a UFO they saw the other day. As the story progresses, we get an insight into the lives of each other character, who highlight their own, and often horrific backstories. It was an interesting book to read right from the start, as the format is different to other books I have read; choosing not to use chapters. There is also an interesting dynamic in language between each character too, with the first character using a lot of bad language, where as the second character came off really sweet. In a sense; it’s a lot like Wonder, and how each character is different, but still tells the same story, which is used to great effect, when the story is trying to highlight that even if people doubt the things you say, it doesn’t mean you are not telling the truth. These stories though begin to get a bit obvious and repetitive as the book goes on, so you do begin to lose some interest. Also, when certain, and horrific things are highlighted, you have to wait until the end of the book for them to get resolved, rather than the story continuing on. It starts off in a shocking and interesting way, but it does become something of a labor of love to finish!

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