Mini Video Game Review – Horizon Zero Dawn

Recently I have been playing Horizon Zero Dawn; and it’s pretty good! Developed by Guerrilla Games, and starring Ashly Burch; Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role playing game set in a post apocalyptic United States, where the land has been taken over by machine like animals! Horizon Zero Dawn has an interesting concept which does bring back happy memories of watching Zoids: Chaotic Century (which desperately needs a DVD/Blu-ray re-release). The game is very similar to the open world Far Cry games, as it does feature some of the series’ core game mechanics; however Zero Dawn does them to a much more challenging and satisfying degree. Climbing towers is replaced by climbing mechanical Giraffe‘s, Enemy Camps have even more enemies located in them, and hunting machines, is annoying at first, but eventually becomes a lot more gratifying as you learn what to do. And there’s plenty more to do too such as the Cauldrons side quests, and every time you climb a a tall cliff or structure, the animation does make you feel like you are Tom Cruise at the start of Mission Impossible II. The game though is not perfect! For a start most of the characters that seem sympathetic, sort of aren’t, and due to the game’s length, many of these aren’t seen either again or for a long time; which includes the really good ones! Also, due to how the game is structured, it’s easy to forget the game’s story. Which is annoying because in my case, I did most of the side quests before returning to the story, and now it feels less like an open world action game, and more an on rails experience. As a result I have become rather disenfranchised with it. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to continue the game, I still want to do more, and discover the game’s full story, but right now I have less desire to keep it up at this rate, as most of the story levels a quite long! So it is a bit of a mixed bag; the core mechanics are really good, but the world and story just get disconnected from one another; until the game’s end is sight!

Plus, the game’s title will immediately make your mind think of the Crimson Dawn song from South Park!

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