Mini Film Review – Thor: Love And Thunder

I have just seen Thor: Love and Thunder; and it was pretty good! Directed by Taika Waititi, and starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Christian Bale; Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth Thor film, and sees Thor reuniting with Jane Foster as they try to stop a madman from murdering all the Gods. With the announcement that Taika Waititi was returning to make yet another Thor film, my expectations were high given what he had done before. All the gang were back together, with more from Valkyrie, and of course Korg. The film includes more of his great musical taste, where as in Ragnarok we got Led Zeppelin, this time we get quite a lot of Guns N’ Roses. We also get more of Waititi’s creative comedy quirks too, and as a cherry on the cake; we got a rather cool, and somewhat sympathetic villain! But all this great flavour, doesn’t make this a perfect dish! Apart from creating moments of sheer awkwardness, and predictable story telling; I don’t understand why Natalie Portman is in this film; where as the chemistry between Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, is far more interesting and entertaining. Also; once it gets revealed that there is a meaning behind the the film’s title, you are left scratching your head, as there’s no real build-up behind it; and feels like it should be the name for the sequel (Although saying that it is easier than trying to say Thor Four). And then there are bits where the story gets so predictable, and whilst it tries to cast off other and more creative forms of predictability, what we are left with is the obvious predictabilities. It doesn’t really feel like a sequel to Ragnarok, more of an expansion pack with some extra goodies, but not really enough to justify the last five years of production. Yes it has it’s funny moments, good music, great characters, brilliant acting, but overall a rather light experience, which tries to make another Ragnarok, rather than creating something else; something more rewarding!

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