Hannah Likes Sheep Baa

Yes it is a weird title! Just been spending the last couple of hours playing Prison Architect; to what feels like no real level of satisfaction. I am struggling to enjoy the games I play at the moment, and whilst I could be playing something more exciting; I am too tired to choose something action packed; and want to play something more relaxing, which has lead to this predicament.

Steam Scrrenshot

So, I went on the internet; and looked up “Creative Ideas for Blog Posts?”, to see if I could find an idea for a creative blog post. This in turn lead me to “101 Creative Blog Post Ideas“, a list of blog post ideas, and at place number 11; is “Your Influences”.


It is hard to talk about people I look up to, as the list is pretty short, and made up of people from a range of areas, quite a few in areas for what feel like failed attempts at potential careers. The list includes (but is not limited to):

And several others. But there is one influence which is slightly closer to home, all be it by a few hundred miles.

When I first started blogging back in 2009, I very quickly, ran out of ideas for posts. Over several months I struggled to think of what to write about, and just struggled. Eventually I got onto the idea of writing film reviews, which kickstarted the blogging process once more. But; what really got me going was a blog from a good/best friend I had made at Root Hill Camp in 2010.


The blog was made and written by my friend Hannah; as you can probably guess by the title of the blog: “Hannah Likes Sheep *Baa*“. This title obviously came from Hannah’s love of Sheep. Anyway; I found her blog whilst studying at Teesside University; and it was a really cool blog. The topics on the blog ranged from all sorts of topics (including books); and at that moment a light switch turned on in my head, and new ideas flooded out. It was the first time I understood what a blog was, and that I could write about anything I wanted to. I can’t explain the full how and why it worked; it just did.


And that was back in 2010; and I have since written hundreds of blog post, possibly even a thousand over the 2/3 blogs I have had (including this one). Hannah sadly though has not posted a post since 2013; but it’s still up online, should anyone need an influential blog to kickstart their own.


Thank You Hannah.

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