Mini Film Review – See How They Run

I have just seen See How They Run; and it was OK! Directed by Tom George, and starring Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, and Adrien Brody; See How They Run is a mystery comedy film, about a detective and his assistant constable who have to find out who wants to murder the cast and crew of a classic Agatha Christie play. Not to be confused with the classic children’s TV series of the same name (which is what I keep thinking about whenever I think of that name), No; this is an attempt to create a funny take on the whodunnit genre, by staging a murder amongst the cast and crew of those who are performing in a classic whodunnit. It was OK; just sort of OK. The comedy was light and incredibly obvious with very little to actually laugh about; and the whole story was rather predictable. The reveal of the murderer is also not very well done, as it’s blatantly obvious thanks to one scene, where you see him/her leave the room at the same time some other suspicious people also leave the room. The only thing that was sort of clever on the whole, is how the film stages the big finale, by secretly showing it earlier in the film; and as a result is the only real surprise here. It’s just OK, not bad, but a bit plain, with so many predictable moments, and jokes which barely raise a smile!

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