Mini Book Review – Sleepless

Recently I have been reading Sleepless; and it was pretty scary! Written by Lou Morgan, and published by Stripes Publishing; Sleepless is a teen horror novel, about a group of teens who take an experimental drug to help them pass their school exams. From very early on the story was pretty terrifying; I was genuinely scarred to go to sleep after reading a chapter. The scares and frights continue as the story goes on at a nice pace. But whilst it is a scary horror story; it does have a couple of issues, in particular how it ends. It’s a completely hard book to understand once you read the final few chapters, as it tries to either wrap it all up as quickly as possible; or more likely is trying to tell you something which arcs to a previous point in the story. But as it’s not crystal clear; you are just left scratching your head as to what the ending means. Not unless it’s trying to have an open ending for a sequel? But as it’s a story about drug taking; it feels like it should wrap up with the characters surviving the experience and getting help; a much more survivalist story; rather than a rather obvious bloodbath. But, whilst it does have its issues in concluding the story; overall, it was a pretty terrifying read!

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