Mini Book Review – Mortal Engines

Recently I have been reading Mortal Engines; and it was kind of Awesome! Written by Philip Reeve and published by Scholastic; Mortal Engines is an epic, young adult, fantasy novel; and the first book in the Mortal Engines Quartet. The story follows the lives of those who live in a world, filled with mobile cities. I had previously heard of this series here and there, but my first taste of it was when I saw the film adaptation a few years ago. So, let’s get one thing straight from the get-go: This book is EPIC! It is a huge world filled with the visual element of these huge roaming cities eating each other. The cities and worlds created within the pages is a bit limited sadly, as the story takes place many years after most of the cities have been devoured; however, this does not stop the visual treats from coming. But it’s not all about the visual aspects, as the book contains a story, an epic story which you don’t want to stop reading about. In addition to this, the story creates some really cool and interesting characters. And whilst Tom and Hester are the main leaders of the story; we do get to follow the stories of others too. Add to this we see that the book leads into a predictable route, only to double back and do something different, which unfortunately leads to some truly tragic endings! So altogether; it’s about Ten Million Times better than the film!

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