Mini Film Review – The Northman

Yesterday I watched The Northman; and it was pretty good! Directed by Robert Eggers, and starring Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang, and Anya Taylor-Joy; The Northman is an epic historical action thriller, based on the legend of Amleth. The story follows Prince Amleth, who after witnessing the murder of his Father and King, by his Father’s brother; vows to get revenge and rescue his mother from the clutches of his evil uncle. The film really works hard to set up the story right, before then throwing the plot twentyish years into the future, and continuing on the story of revenge. The story does take a back seat of sorts until just past the half way point, but uses this time wisely to create additional characters worth caring for. The film is also brutally realistic, featuring violent scenes, and post violent scenes featuring horrific imagery, which really help to convey who is good, and who is ultra-bad. The film does provide the occasional use of CGI to create scenes which need CGI to be created; but rather than create an entire world with it; the film treats us to some really beautiful shots of the real world and real countryside, shots which are a real treat to behold. There are a few niggles here and there; from the final fight taking place in a smoke filled environment, to some characters becoming unrecognizable in the twenty year discrepancy. But, other than that, the film was really, albeit brutally captivating, with the film’s characters and the beautiful shots of nature being the standout moments!

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