Top 5 Games I Discovered On

So a while ago; I did a post about; and talked in particular about how I discovered it; and how it used to release what it called Good Old Games. Games that were classic PC releases, particularly ones that I had previously played before in my youth. I also talked about how the website no longer does this; and instead focuses on the release of more independent titles. I then went on to list my Top 5 Favourite Games that I had previously played before, which I can now play again thanks to re-releasing them. All clear? So we are now all caught up!

Gaming Dragons

Now while it is true that I don’t actively search anymore for games I want to replay, due to the lack of releases; and while it is also true that I originally started purchasing games on because they were re-releasing Good Old Games; both statements didn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t purchase any other games entirely! No; over the years I have purchased other games from Some games which were small independent releases, whilst others were Good Old Games; which I had never played before. So I thought it might be additionally cool to make a list of some of the other games I purchased from, the ones I was entirely new to playing.

But, much like the previous post; there were some that are sadly not worthy enough to be in the Top 5. But I maintain that they are still worthy of a mention; and to that end I disclose to you their worthy names:

Choices: Anno 1404, Circle Empires, Omerta – City of Gangsters, Reus, SpaceChem,

And so; without further ado; here are My Top 5 Favourite Games; that I Discovered on; Enjoy!


5. Tropico 3 – Before playing Tropico 3, I had previously heard of the other games in the series, but it wasn’t clear to me what these games were until I finally played number 3. Tropico 3, for those not in the know, is a construction management game where players need to build up a nation from a Banana Republic, up to a Nuclear Power. But instead of simply building the country, the player also needs to stay in power, as the game has an element of politics laced between the layers; and so need to keep the people happy, in order to succeed. Tropico 3 is a pretty fun game, it does however lack much replay value, as nearly every experience is pretty much the same as the last. But those first few times you play it, are rather captivating, and endlessly glorious!


4. Kingdoms and Castles – Kingdoms and Castles is a sandbox kingdom building game, where you start off with an empty plot of lad, and build a kingdom from the ground up. The art style is very simplistic, and just helps you jump head first into the game. As time goes by you will build up your kingdom, whilst also defending it from Viking raids, and Dragon attacks. It’s quite a nice easy going experience, but one that captivates you too, as you start off worrying about feeding your citizens, to later improving their roads, and building them a bath house!


3. Sid Meier’s Railroads – This was a game I first tried to play on Steam (pun not intended); but it just wouldn’t work. It then became available on GOG, and worked much better. Railroads is a game about building railways. You choose one of the maps, and can either follow the goals, or go it alone, and build your own empire. You build track, buy trains, and then watch the money roll-in. You can then expand your business, or buy into the AI owned businesses, and try to buy them out of their own companies, until you yourself reign above them. And then when you retire, you may even become the US President!


2. Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)Heavy Rain was one of the best games I played on the PS3. Fahrenheit was on the outset a similar experience, one though that told a very different story, but an interesting one none-the-less. It was more in the relams of science fiction and fantasy, than just a plain straight-up crime drama. It did have it’s annoying little niggles; the control system was a bit hap-hazard, and it wouldn’t let you kill-off lead characters, which Heavy Rain allowed with incredible ease. But, other than little issues, it was a very interesting experience, one that I didn’t want to stop!


1. Startopia – Out of all the games I have played on, Startopia has probably been the closest to becoming my new favourite game. It’s a really engrossing experience, as you build a space station from the ground up. It’s very similar to Dungeon Keeper, or Evil Genius, as you can only influence the alien species, you can’t directly control their actions. So you need to build places for them to eat, sleep, receive medical help, work, and party. And the game comes with a nice selection of missions to keep you occupied as you make your way through the game, discovering new things, and all the while enjoying every minute of it!

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