Mini TV Review – The Prisoner

Recently I have been watching The Prisoner; and it was very weird, but quite interesting too! Created by Patrick McGoohan, and George Markstein, and starring Patrick McGoohan, Angelo Muscat, and Peter Swanwick; The Prisoner is a 1967 TV series about a British intelligence agent, who after very suddenly resigning from his job, is taken to a strange village, from which there is no escape! The Prisoner from the on-set is a very weirdly devised TV Show, which follows an unorthodox format in theming, and chooses the perfect location (Portmeirion) to be set in. Visually, it’s like watching both The Wicker Man, and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory at the same time.¬†As the show begins, we get introduced to the ever revolving door of Number Two’s, as well as the mysterious orb Rover which keeps people inside the boundaries of the village. The first half of the series is both interesting and captivating, as the episodes focus in on McGoohan trying to escape, as well as the authorities trying several different forms of psychology to break him, and collect the information they want. But then, after about ten episodes, the show loses it’s footing, and drives away from it’s premise, to focus on making life difficult for Number Six (McGoohan), and just forget about the show’s entire purpose. This leads to a number of ridiculous, boring, and rather pointless episodes! The show does find a way though to keep you hooked in and interested, by continuing to dish out the weirdness, and still hide some of it’s own secrets. This does lead to a couple of final episodes which are back on point, and much more like the show was when it first started, and include a 10 minute rendition of Dem Bones. There is no denying that it is a weird show, but it’s weirdness is it’s charm, and it’s charm is what keeps you invested, through it’s entire run. Yes, it does sort of lose interest in itself half-way through, but it is worth sticking around for until the end, just to experience every fine detail of this very weird thing!

Funny where a documentary on Iron Maiden can lead to! Be Seeing You…

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