10 Cool Classic Wrestling Entrance Themes

One of the really cool things with having many different Professional Wrestling promotions all over the world, and throughout history, is that there are a lot of different Wrestling Entrance themes! Pretty much since the first ever time that a piece of music was attached to a wrestler’s entrance, nearly every promotion around the world has either produced music, or has licensed music for their stars.

For instance, in companies like TNA, or WWE, and others, you have had people like Jim Johnston producing and composing unique pieces of music specifically created to a wrestler walking out to the ring. Then in other circumstances, well known pieces of music have been licensed or picked up to be used for a wrestlers entrance. An example of this would be of course The Undertaker coming out to the ring, backed up by Limp Bizkit‘s Rollin.

So when you find yourself wanting to listen to some classic entrance music, you really do have a wealth of possibilities to choose from. From companies like those mentioned above, to historical promotions like WCW and ECW, to modern day promotions like AEW, to promotions closer to home, like in my case the FWA and XWA. There are a lot to choose from and enjoy at your leisure.

So, continuing this mini series of celebrating classic Entrance Themes, I thought I would do a mix of different themes from different companies, rather than doing a more exclusive list. Plus it will allow me to (if I choose) to mention uses of licensed material to. So sit back, relax and listen to some classic wrestling entrance themes. Enjoy!


10. Mean Mark Callous – Back when The Undertaker briefly worked for WCW, he was of course known by a different name: Mean Mark Callous. Now I never saw one of his matches, but I was interested enough in my favourite professional wrestler to look back and discover his old theme’s. This theme is particularly cool. It’s a simple riff, but really fast, with a punishing beat, followed by a ‘Rock‘ esque wailing guitar section which just adds flavour to this really cool riff. Imagine if he had stayed in WCW, we may never have gotten the Undertaker, but we may still have had this fantastic entrance theme!


9. Robert Roode – You may notice that I have chosen Robert Roode’s earlier TNA ring name; that is because I thought that for this theme I should use that name, to distinguish it from his other theme when he wrestled as Bobby Roode. This theme is juicily deceptively sinister. It’s not a theme for a baby face, or even just a plain old face. It suggests someone dangerous to know. Well maybe not dangerous, but one that is sinister nonetheless. It’s a really cool theme, and one that continued for many years, and even continued on as the basis for Beer Money, Inc.!


8. Shinsuke Nakamura – Shinsuke Nakamura has a pretty cool theme in WWE, but it’s not necessarily a classic just yet. This time around I am looking at his theme from New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Subconscious. It starts off in a traditional Japanese way with a flute to create a rather ominous warning siren. But then it launches into it’s main riff. It’s fast and energetic, but creates a real adrenaline rush, one that gets you off your feet ready to cheer or boo the phenomenal wrestler coming toward the ring!

Grand Pro Wrestling

7. Johnny Phere – The first time I ever heard Metallica‘s classic; For Whom The Bell Tolls, it was all thanks to Johnny Phere. Phere used to have a different theme which had lyrics along the lines of: “I Am Crazy, I Am Crazy” and so on. This time around though, his theme was possibly suggesting that he was turning into the British Undertaker, with the bell chimes, and a dark theme. Add to this the use of the famous “Here’s Johnny!” scene from The Shining, just to add a bit of context to the song, and you have a really cool use of a well known piece of music!


6. Mike Awesome – Mike Awesome’s theme works hard to try and suggest the idea of someone being Awesome. The song has a hard and heavy riff, which shouts the word awesome possibly well over a hundred times. But the rest of the lyrics aren’t really sung. It’s a barrage of claims, rants, and brags about who he is, and what he is; and why you should consider him as nothing below pure Awesomeness!


5. Desmond Wolfe – Taking the name Wolf a bit literally by introducing a wolf’s howl at the start of the theme, and the sound of a dark night with the moon rising, Desmond Wolfe’s theme creates a sinister vibe about it. It doesn’t sound like it’s for someone particularly bruising, nor necessarily bad; it’s more just a brooding type sound. It actually sounds more like stock music, that the company had lying around as it’s so basic in it’s approach. But it does create an almost warning siren sound about it, telling others to be wary as to what is approaching the ring!


4. Masato Tanaka – Masato Tanaka’s ECW theme creates a rather weird sound. It’s a strange mix of styles trying so hard to blend in with each other; and it’s only when they reach a sort of instrumental chorus that they really achieve this blend. But it’s not the blending that makes this theme really stand out, it’s the non-blending that draws in your attention. It suggests someone who is both a technician, and a powerhouse. Someone who combines a mix of styles in the ring. And this weird combination makes it a both very enjoyable, and equally memorable theme!


3. Hade Vansen – A great way to generate heat in venue’s in the North of England, is to introduce a proud Southerner type character; especially one whose nickname is The South City Thriller. The only alternative theme Hade Vansen could have used, was anything by the boy band North & South. This tune has a very weird style to it, as it’s a sort of rap, backed up with an interesting collection of sounds. It’s not hard hitting, nor very profound; it’s the perfect theme for a strange character, who is deserving of your attention, as you don’t know what he is going to do!


2. Mr. Perfect – Like Mike Awesome’s theme above, Mr. Perfect’s theme is trying to say something about it’s star. It’s trying to inform you of the facts, but in a way that makes you look on in amazement and astonishment. But the approach to this theme is more along the lines of say the theme tune for Ric Flair. It’s a slow theme tune, designed to grab your attention, but not distract you from who is walking their toward the ring. It’s classical theme is perfect for someone who wants to grab your attention, and continue to demand it, whilst pulling off amazing feats of athleticism, with a touch of class for added measure!


1. Lex Luger – Lex Luger enjoyed a great many different styles of entrance theme during his career; but hidden in the pile is this underrated gem. Dubbed his ‘Slammer’ theme, this mini epic is fast and energetic, suggesting someone who can bring both speed and power to the ring. It’s a really fun, but intense theme tune, with a few moments where it takes a break, before then returning to floor the accelerator, and bringing on a powerhouse of pain!

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