Mini TV Review – Clarkson’s Farm (Season 2)

Recently I have been watching the second season of Clarkson’s Farm; and it was pretty brilliant! Directed by Will Yapp, and Kit Lynch Robinson, and starring Jeremy Clarkson, Kaleb Cooper, Charlie Ireland, and Gerald Cooper; Clarkson’s Farm is a documentary series, following the exploits of rookie farmer; Jeremy Clarkson. Following on from the first series of the show, things have changed on the farm, with the often hilarious sheep now living on an entirely different site, but Jeremy has some grand new plans for his farm, which include purchasing some cows, to opening a new restaurant…if the council will let him that is! The new series carries all of the terrific mod-cons of the first series, with the return of regular cast members, including both Lisa Hogan, and Alan Townsend, as well as some cool new cast members like Chef Pip Lacey and Vet Dilwyn Evans. There is a casualty however, as Ellen Helliwell the shepherd does not return due to a now lack of sheep. The series is much more focused on specific projects this time around, which means there is less variety, but with the focus, there is much more time to see the inner workings of the farm on these projects. But this focus can be surprising in the realm of certain things not being featured as heavily as you thought they would be. Given the amount of videos Clarkson has released about his own brand of lager, you’d for instance think it would feature more in the show, rather than just a small ten minute section. So the series is something of a constant seesaw act of content, but at no point does it ever get boring, as the entertainment value is carried 100% all the way through. Plus the show keep the hilarity level up, as Clarkson’s exploits, usually end in disaster. In addition to that we also learn that Gerald is something of a local footballing legend. Altogether then, it was a really fun and entertaining series. The only real draw back with the second season, was that it took nearly two years for it to finally appear!

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