Video Game Trailers – Far Cry 3

Leading up to the release of Far Cry 3; several trailers were released which highlighted different characters. One of the trailers highlighted two key game villains: Vaas, and Buck! And whilst Vaas is in many respects the game’s key villain; I really like the character of Buck.


In the game, it takes a really long time for Buck to be introduced, but for a good while he really steals the show. He is so interesting, and has these really cool stories/monologues to tell. I never wanted him off the screen, he was just so captivating and different. In comparison to the game’s other villains, his time was rather short, but for me, it was the best part of the entire game!

Well, that; and that level where you end up high, and listen to Skrillex whilst torching a drug field!

This trailer for Far Cry 3, starts off with a little Vaas, but then the real star attraction is introduced, delivering yet another monologue, but one that isn’t in the game sadly:

When you first looked at my face; what did you see? A Maniac? A Psychopath? A Savage? Round here mate, you eat what you kill! The jungle doesn’t care who you are, or where you came from; it has rules! And the thing is, you must live in the jungle to know the rules! You live in this jungle, you die in this jungle! You see mate, we’re not the savages; we, are the shepherds!

This monologue really helps to set up, and even sell the game. It talks about the savagery of the location, and those who by comparison seem more like sane, or maybe even nice people.

It’s less a trailer, and more like an advert; but through the use of one character, it really hooks you in and introduces you to a world, with plenty more to discover, but carrying a warning for even the bravest of adventurers!

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