The 10 Steam Games I Have Played The Most

Whilst looking through some posts from my old blog, I found this post that I completely forgot about. The post in question, was me revealing which games on Steam I have played the most amount of time for! I do like to keep up to date with the games I have played the most amount of time for, just to see which games are creeping up in my library, and which ones are most likely to knock the current kings off their time thrones. So, I thought it might be fun to do an updated post, just to see how much things have changed since that post, which was posted back in 2017.

Steam Screenshot

The original list looks like this:

So that was how my Steam long hour playlist looked, now let’s see how things have changed in six years; Enjoy!

Steam Screenshot

10. Good Company (85.9 Hours) – Good Company is a pretty good game which involves some cool but limited product design, whilst also needing you to keep an eye on production and costs. Although the main reason why I have played the game for so long though is pretty simple, as I was after a Steam Achievement, which took ages as the company consistently grew by only 1% each year!


9. Borderlands 2 (88.3 Hours) – Somehow I have managed to consistently keep this at the number nine slot, six years later. I do love the Borderlands games (except the Pre-Sequel), and every now and then need to replay them, because I just want to play them and experience them all over again (except the pre-Sequel)!


8. Game Dev Tycoon (95.9 Hours) – This is one, I like to play each year or so, as I like to try and better my scores, whilst trying to unlock and discover more of the game every time I play it, such as creating a Prison based MMO, or creating Video Game Consoles named after entrants from Robot Wars!


7. Shapez (106 Hours) – This one still feels like a huge surprise to me, as it’s incredibly simple design and gameplay, made it incredibly addictive. I would definitely consider this to be my favourite production based video game, because it’s simplicity makes it so, well…simple, and engaging, as all you are doing, is creating strange shapes!


6. Left 4 Dead 2 (117.7 Hours) – Probably no surprise that this game is still amongst the Top 10, as I have been playing it on and off for over 10 years now. And whilst I only play a little bit at a time, the hours of fun it generates, keeps it within easy reach of the most plays top spots!

Steam Screenshot

5. Dyson Sphere Program (120.8 Hours) – Dyson Sphere Program has so much replay ability. Currently (I think) I am in the fourth game I have created, and each time, I learn from previous games, and what to do things I should have done before to make my systems and production chains run at their optimum speeds, whilst also travelling through the galaxy at an incredibly relaxing rate!


4. Age of Empires II: HD Edition (122.9 Hours) – When I first got this one, I played it a lot, because at the time I was playing it on a Laptop, and couldn’t play any big graphically challenged games. So an RTS like this worked perfectly on the laptop, and could just play for hours in Skirmish games, over and over again, until I got a more powerful PC of course!


3. Destiny 2 (204.3 Hours) – If anything is most likely currently to take the top spot (eventually), it’s probably Destiny 2. I can play it for hours at a time (when I have a decent connection of course), and I love trying out all the different gaming modes, in particular Gambit, which is always pretty fun!


2. Jurassic World Evolution (219.2 Hours) – Out of all the games I have on Steam, I would probably consider this one as my favourite. I just love building theme parks, and creating Dinosaurs, it’s a perfect blend to create a very enjoyable experience!


1. Prison Architect (478 Hours) – It does feel like it will be a long time before anything beats this game’s total number of hours. And much like Left 4 Dead 2 above, whilst I play it a lot more sparingly these days, that time still racks up hours, and over the course of six years, I have played an additional 212 hours. Something will probably beat it one day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if in another six years from now, it’s still comfortably holding the number 1 spot!

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