Love In The Rain

Love in the Rain is a song by The Edgar Broughton Band which features in their debut album Wasa Wasa released in 1969. It is a song I really like and it will always find a way to me when I need it most: because it is so loud, heavy and carries a grunge like authority! Sometimes when I am having a low day or am in a low or angry point with no way of letting it out, I will have a listen to many different songs in an attempt to let that out and calm down. Ok, maybe listening to some Heavy Metal music may not be the right way of doing it, but I do find it can it help, especially during the points listed above. I could carry on as I was, but when in that kind of mood, you really need to flush it out, and this kind of loud, heavy music can help, as it distracts me from those things as I listen to the music, listen to the sounds, try to lip-sync along or even air drum/guitar (which could also potentially be good exercise too) to it just to do something different.

Love in the Rain is a song I like as it is nice and loud and carries a beast like authority as the band tries to let out this music monster trying to ascertain its place in the world. This was made in a time where Heavy Metal wasn’t a style of music, with the only connections being a growing desire for a louder, heavier style of rock, and where the words Heavy Metal really only existed in factories, Steppenwolf‘s classic ‘Born to Be Wild‘ and according, to the BBC Documentary; Heavy Metal Britannia in William Burroughs Nova Trilogy.

Love in the Rain is a song I like, because well, it is a song, but it isn’t made necessarily to be a song with sweet melodies or nice harmonic structures. It’s a song which for the most part is just a noise! It’s a song wanting to stand out and not conform to everything else. It stands out because it’s mission is to stand out. I like it because in times where I am down, it’s just a loud shout. In times where I feel oppressed by my own shyness or depression, I can have my secret song which I can drum too and listen to myself and in times where I feel angry and needing to talk it out, but am unable to do so, I have a more positive way of letting it out and trying to feel better. I listen to music to have fun and enjoy myself and have something on in the background when I am doing something, and when I need it and am in the right mind mood for it, I have Love in the Rain. All of the above is theory really: at the end of the day, it is a song I like, and since writing this post I feel a little bit better.

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