Shinsuke Nakamura’s Entrance Theme

Since making his main WWE roster debut over a year ago, The King of Strong Style; Shinsuke Nakamura has become one of my favourite wrestlers – despite the fact I have actually yet to watch him wrestle. That is because finding videos of him wrestling (without buying a full DVD) is hard to do. I have heard a lot about him from a wrestling friend of mine, and since he arrived on WWE I have been wanting to find videos of Shinsuke Nakamura wrestling. My friend did send me some on FB, but I think the videos have since been lifted off YouTube, which was before I had a real sit down opportunity to watch them. If you, dear reader; know of any good videos on YouTube show Nakamura at his best (which apparently are before his main roster debut), please let me know.

Despite not being able to see much of this legendary wrestler wrestle, there are some things of Shinsuke Nakamura I have been able to enjoy. Some of his WWE performances – if brief, his promos and of course his wrestling entrance music. The first time I really saw him was when he made his incredible arrival on Smackdown dancing his way to the ring. I really didn’t understand this, but I kept watching it as it was rather enjoyable to watch, and also because my friend said this was part of Nakamura’s appeal. Nakamura has a brilliant entrance style that other wrestlers don’t seem to do. His entrance music at the time was also brilliant, very oriental in tune but also fast and unpredictable. I myself have found that it can be quite fun to dance along to as long as you mimic Nakamura’s Dance Moves (as well as his fingers), which is also fun and can be pretty good exercise too.

Since turning heel though, his tune has changed somewhat. It’s still the same tune, but it has some added bits in the form of Japanese vocals and something of a counter tune. It’s not as nice as the original. I get there is a dark attitude meant for it, but I think the counter tune of lyrics just breaks it up too much, just doesn’t sound real.

For me his original WWE theme is still the best; that was until this past Friday! While I was searching for Nakamura matches from Japan, I heard his New Japan theme music, and I rather like it. It does sound very modern, as in, well, I have heard the style of the tune before in lots of other forms of media from Japanese productions. Basically the tune does sound very similar to other Japanese Wrestlers entrance music too, but is still rather cool nonetheless. It has an opening very similar to movie soundtracks from Akira Kurosawa films, but then goes into the modern rock, which for a tune, is very catchy; rather memorable.

So now, I have two favourite entrance theme’s for the same wrestler, and I can’t choose which is my favourite! Which is yours?


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