Far Cry 2 – 10 Years On

Far Cry is one of my all time favourite video game series. Every time there is a new release, I just can’t wait to play it. I like its name, and love its locations. I absolutely adore them, and my first taste of the series was Far Cry 2; I bought a copy of it when I bought my PS3 in August 2009. Well, it has been 10 years now since the release of Far Cry 2 and I just had a go on it on Steam, and I am rather disappointed by it. When I first played Far Cry 2 in 2009, I loved it. It was an honest good shooter with a location carrying its own flavour of reality. Its setting in ‘Central Africa‘ was an interesting choice, and one the game excelled at in creating, even going as far as to demonstrate the effectiveness of its realistic fire; a mechanic that the game excelled at. As for the game’s setting; the plot was a bit limited, and it was annoying how everyone was out to get you, and the only friendly contact were in cut scenes or if you had a problem. But despite those issues, it was still a fun exploration shooter.

The game though has not aged well. It has been a decade since release, but some games from that time or even earlier still look pretty good to this day. When the game opened and I found myself once again in that cab with that nice taxi driver, I could see the rough edges of the developed game, things didn’t look round I could see corners on supposedly smooth surfaces, the images on boxes looked blurry, and my arms looked like they were on poles as they reached to grab out at the ammo.

The game’s characters in that opening drive; well, some of them seemed to appear and vanish, others seemed to jump up and down for no reason, and when the car pulled up to a checkpoint, it slowly started to teeter back down the road while the cab driver talked to someone who was now several meters away. As I began to play it, taking the controls of my character too, the guns looked, well; they looked and behaved like I was playing Goldeneye 007, they seemed to be at the same design and same pixel rate as those weapons. They looked aluminium toys and the detail was just lost. The game experience on the whole felt bland and uninspired, and I hadn’t even finished the tutorial section yet.

Far Cry 2 was a game I really enjoyed when I first played it, in fact I even bought it again a couple of years down the line to play it again, even playing it on the same day as the Royal Wedding in 2011. It’s a game I was pleased to play and was my first real dip into the world of a video game series I have come to love. Sadly however, it has not aged well, after less than half an hour I had to stop, as I just couldn’t get into it. In retrospect, it’s a game which to me maybe should have remained a memory, and maybe not something I should have gone back to.

Maybe this could be a sign that an updated re-do/remake is in order, so it can be enjoyed once more.


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