No Doubt About It

Earlier this week I was playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 on my PC; and through all the driving (and me constantly and accidentally always finding a way to tip the truck over) and delivering, there was one thing missing; a soundtrack! I found it strange that a driving game, and one about big trucks, didn’t feature a proper radio station mode. I did have a look for one, and the game featured some kind of live one I didn’t understand how to work, and one where I could put my own tracks on; by placing songs in the game’s folder.

I do have a reasonably good collection of music on CD’s featuring Rock, Drum ‘n’ Bass and some other stuff, but I just never got round to uploading them to my PC to then put in the folder; and after my fifth truck flip over, I decided to give the game a break.

The lack of music though was definitely something missing from my trucking experience. I was driving through the UK, hauling trailers, tractors and what not; and it was just a silence. I played some music in my head as I was playing; didn’t feel the same of course; but, as my head went on auto-tune, it constantly played the same tune. No matter where or what I was doing, it was always the same piece in my head – No Doubt About It by Bonafide.

I first heard that track while driving around Oahu in Hawaii; in Test Drive Unlimited 2. I just left the Road Rock station on and let it play, and it suddenly came on to that song, and I instantly fell in love with that song. It had a good light but fast pace form of rock with vocals that sounded very much like AC/DC. It’s a song I have listened to many times since playing TDU2.

There are other songs from video game soundtracks come to think of it that would have worked well with Euro Truck Simulator such as Bite The Bullet (Bullet) again from TDU2, and Raise the Flag (Airbourne) from Twisted Metal, but Bonafide stands out more than most just because it feels and sounds like a good driving song, particularly if you’re behind the wheel of something big and powerful.

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