Ronan over Thanos

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now over 10 years old, and after a long build-up, we are currently in the midst of its first major bad guy turf war as the mighty heroes take on the might of Thanos. I however believe that Ronan the Accuser should be the current big bad guy!
Thanos was first introduced in The Avengers in 2012. He was referenced in third person points through the film, then revealed not by name but by face in a mid credit’s scene. With his introduction, the plan then came into place as over the next few years we have seen the build-up to the big fight against him. He had a small cameo appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and made a proper appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. This was of course all building up to Avengers: Infinity War released earlier this year.


Infinity War was of course was filled up to the brim, with great hopes for fans and movie goers alike, and it wasn’t bad; but to me, not all that great. I felt it was pretty damp in all. We had all this promise and great build-up, to a film, which just sort of floundered. It had its moments and was enjoyable, just not really worth all that build-up. I thought Thanos was ill, as his shade of purple had become rather pale, and his build-up as this great villain, was, well, nothing; or at least not what his aura was suggested to be. To me; it felt like a let down. I know it was always going to be Thanos after his first reveal, as it wouldn’t make much sense if he was revealed, and then killed before his big moment in a later film, yes; but so far he hasn’t really impressed me. Someone who has impressed me however is Ronan the Accuser.

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy over a year ago and I thought it was ok. It was an enjoyable film but not all that stratospheric. Originally I wasn’t going to see it at all as it didn’t grab me, but after watching a few scenes with Thanos in from the film on YouTube, I decided to give it a watch. Thanos’s scenes were good and we finally got to see Thanos in some form, but I felt he was constantly upstaged by Ronan.

Ronan is such an interesting villain. He has a fantastic looking hammer, his voice is terrific, his acting by Lee Pace is superb, his appearance is dark and sinister, and he is practical! We are supposed to get this idea that Thanos is this all-powerful being and we are told this through dialogue from others, but all he seems to do is laze about in a chair! If I was a fan of those comics then maybe I would get a better understanding (I prefer X-Men), but as a movie goer, I just see this bloke in a chair who doesn’t do much; if anything at all while his co-workers big him up because; he is the boss (they probably have to laugh at his bad jokes too)! Ronan meanwhile is hard at work doing a job for Thanos, but then turns on Thanos when he gets the infinity stone, because well, why wouldn’t you?


He looks cool with his almighty hammer, and actually sets about doing something! His attitude changes too as he gets stronger and cockier, but at least he has a reason to be like that! What does Thanos actually do? Ronan becomes a much stronger being than Thanos as a result, and looks better for it too, becoming a greater villain in might! A Hammer is also more impressive than a glove; which is more likely to win?

I know I can’t change the movie timeline, and I know the films are set with Thanos in the lead role as current big bad, but I still standby that I think Ronan would have been a better series villain than Thanos. To me, he is just far more interesting!

At least we get to see Ronan one more time in Captain Marvel next year!

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