Waiting For A Trailer

For over a week now, possibly two; I have been scouring the internet looking for details or news for a movie trailer.
When the first in the rebooted series of American Godzilla films was due for release, I couldn’t stop uploading and watching the movie trailers over and over again. I was so excited, and clinged to those trailers so tightly, not wanting them to end. Every time a new trailer was released, I couldn’t stop watching it. Each one had it’s own little extra bit that made it special, but it was the Asia trailer that I liked the most. Its set-up, it’s music, it’s feel and handling, it was the best of a string of good trailers for one film.

The first trailer for next years film; Godzilla: King of the Monsters, was released severalĀ  months ago and was pretty good, it was a sign that it was on its way, but I didn’t cling to this new one as much as I did the previous one; why? Well, I didn’t like the music. The music I think is trying to provide a more ambient feel to the trailer, something more respectful to a documentary of the unknown regions of the animal kingdom; but it didn’t carry that fury, mystery, horror or overall tense feeling’s that the 2014 trailers brought to them.

I did some looking around a couple of weeks or so ago looking for details as for one I thought a new trailer should be along soon, the film is now less than 6 months away from release. It’s one of two films I had been doing some reconnaissance work on, the other being the upcoming Mortal Engines film.


Things began to heat up for Godzilla though as a new image was released a few weeks ago, and rumours suggesting Aquaman could carry a trailer for it (both films are made by Warner Bros. after all). It was in this last week though that things began to really get warm, as a shorter Asia trailer was released at a Tokyo comic convention, and then the promise of a new trailer to debut at another convention in Brazil this past Sunday. I spent a good period of time yesterday looking for news of it on Google.


It was shown there, but wasn’t released online; but good news, it has been released today.

The new trailer comes with new footage, a more revealing look at the new monsters in the film and also a good soundtrack. I am not disappointed by it. It already looks terrific, and best of all, the trailer shows some moving footage of King Ghidorah.

Toho Kingdom

When King Ghidorah was announced as being in the sequel over 4 years ago now, I thought to myself constantly, how awesome will King Ghidorah look? Well now, we have some good footage, and I am not disappointed; I am overly excited!

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