Rob Cross’s Walk-on Music

Does anyone else think that Rob Cross has the wrong walk-on music? Rob Cross is the current PDC World Darts Champion. A major feat, especially as he only turned pro eleven months earlier. Last year’s PDC World Championships were his first, and he went all the way, beating 16 time World Champion Phil Taylor in his final match. He also has one of the best nicknames currently going: Voltage, which is a connection to his previous life as an Electrician. The first time I saw him walk-on though during last year’s World Championship, I was a little disappointed.

His walk-on music is Hot Hot Hot by Arrow. Now, given his name is Voltage, I instantly thought his walk-on music was going to be Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six. The music chosen for Darts players has always had a bit of oddness to them over time, but I thought they had at least some connection to the player’s name/persona, but when Cross walks out to Hot Hot Hot, it always just seems really off.

I get the feeling that players would and should get allowances to choices of whose music they walk out to, as they have to make a choice and stick to it for a good long time due to commitments but also possibly music licensing and rights. I mean if I were a darts player, I thought my walk-on should be Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpions, it’s not my all-time favourite song, but I thought a good fast rock song is a good choice compared to my current favourite; Black Sabbath‘s Children of the Grave which is a bit low in its tone and hidden lyrics compared to the louder atmosphere of a Darts event.

If Hot Hot Hot was chosen by Cross, then no problem, I am all for players choosing their own music; I think they should get some involvement in the choice process. But if that wasn’t the case though; it feels like it’s the wrong choice of music for someone whose name is Voltage; I mean a song whose lyrics says ‘Danger! Danger! High Voltage!’, that’s surely the obvious fit, right?

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